Judging Criteria



Competition Judging Criteria



Role Play

Each area below will be scored on a scale of A+ through F, A+ being exceptional and F being weak.

(Effectively gains attention and builds rapport)

  • Professional introduction & rapport building
  • Salesperson gains prospect’s attention
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm and confidence
  • Smooth transition into needs identification

(Obtain a clear understanding of customer’s situation in order to prepare a customized presentation)

  • Uncovered decision process (decision criteria, peopled involved in decision process)
  • Effectively determined relevant facts about company and/or buyer
  • Asked effective questions, uncovered/qualified buyers’ needs (convert implied needs to explicit needs)
  • Effectively clarified needs of the buyer (discovered current problems, goals, etc.)

(Eliminate concerns to prospect’s satisfaction)

  • Initially gained better understanding of objection (clarifies or allows buyer to clarify the objection)
  • Effectively answered the objection
  • Confirmed that the objection is no longer a concern of the buyer

(Communicates well, product knowledge, presents product benefits, visual aids, clear, concise, appropriate non-verbals)

  • Effective verbal communication (active listening; restated, rephrased, clarified, probed for understanding)
  • Product knowledge
  • Used appropriate/professional visual aids
  • Effectively involved the buyer in the conversation

(Takes initiative to move the sales process to the next step in a smooth fashion filled with mutual commitment)

  • Persuasive in presenting a reason to continue to a “solutions meeting”
  • Asked for a commitment for a solutions meeting


Speed Sell

Judges will have a score card that offers a A+ - F continuum, with A+ being “Hire Now” and F being  “Do Not Hire”. Judges will circle one number.

The judges have been reminded that this is a general pitch, students don’t know their firm, so please evaluate them on their ability to offer a compelling pitch and not necessarily be the perfect fit for his/her particular organization.